DisplayPort to VGA Adapter

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Brand Cadyce
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Interface DisplayPort™ to VGA, DisplayPort™ Specification V1.1a at 1.62 /
2.7Gbps data rate (Low bit rate / High bit rate)
Protocol  DPCD Rev.1.1 & Support HDCP 1.3 with HDCP key embedded
Resolution  WUXGA (1920 X 1200) and 1080p @60Hz (Full HD)
Color  Digital Video Output in 18 / 24 / 30 (deep color) bits format.
(6 bit, 8 bit, 10 bit per color RGB color format)

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    DisplayPort™ to VGA Adapter

    CA-DPVGA is a DisplayPort™ to VGA Adapter which allows you to connect your DisplayPort™ embedded device (Laptop or Desktop) to a VGA embedded device (TV or Monitor)

    The adapter does not require any external power, the required power is given by adapter itself and carries audio signals too.

    Increase your work efficiency and productivity by mirroring or Extending your desktop/laptop on to extra monitor or HDTV or Projector. 

    The product gets detected automatically and no need of driver installation. 

    The adapter is compatible with all DisplayPort™ enabled devices

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